How to Reach Us

Are you in terrible grief, wondering why you should continue when your loved one is dead? Or do you have a family member or friend who is inconsolable? Contact us. You are precious and unique, and deserve unconditional positive regard. There are no obligations. We will listen to you and respond, as best we are able, from our hearts. You will not be asked to buy or do anything. Supporting you is our reason for living.

David and Judy Pierce, founders of Friends Along the Road, are available for free, nonjudgmental bereavement support. We will never say you should "get over it" or "be healed." We are also available to teach the principles of Sanctuary Anywhere, and to advise you in becoming a Friends Along the Road Sanctuary for Those in Grief.



Friends Along the Road
P.O. Box 3003
Silverthorne, CO 80498

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