Death by Suicide

By Deb Kosmer
2009 Deb Kosmer; Oshkosh WI

Sometimes the pain is so all consuming
and the harder we try to rise above it
like quicksand it sucks us under
and after awhile we become so tired
we cannot fight or resist any longer
and we realize there is only one way out
and sometimes we take it and no one
is able to stop us when our mind is made up
and the peace that has been so elusive
we hope to find in death
or if not peace then
blessed nothingness

Written tonight
after my 16 year old niece called to say her boyfriend's dad shot himself today
and remembering my own close call eighteen years ago

Deb Kosmer

About the Author

Deb Kosmer


Hatley, Wisconsin

Deb Kosmer provides grief support to patients and families prior to death and to family members after the death, faci.itates grief-support groups, offers grief educational programs to the community, and collaborates with other agencies to do that.

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