FAR Mobile Sanctuary and Roadside Memorial Tour

In the spring of 2013, Dave and Judy Pierce, with Honey the Cat, will be embarking as the FAR Mobile Sanctuary and Roadside Memorial Tour. They will travel slowly from town to town giving presentations, attending events and festivals, and being a safe place in which people may grieve as they would like, without pressure to do it according to others' expectations. They will also show people how to create sanctuary anywhere for those in grief.

Along the way, Dave and Judy will gather information behind those roadside memorial markers erected on or near sites where people have been killed. Mostly, these memorials are ignored, and yet they represent unique, eventful, important lives. The Pierces are collecting the stories behind these solitary remembrances, and finding out from participating families and friends how they have lived with the death of loved ones. Dave and Judy will publish selected stories and photos gathered along the way in honor of the people killed, and of their families and friends; this precious material will form the core of a second Looking for Lilli book.

The Pierces, and Honey, will travel largely without itinerary, allowing the flow of life and nature to guide them. They will often follow country roads and trails, traveling through towns and cities when so guided. If they have opportunities to spend time with the bereaved, or friends - including new ones, or talk to folks, or if they need rest, they will stay in one place until it is time to move on.

Their means of conveyance is yet unknown: they are considering an assortment of vehicles, including a wagon pulled by car or horses, or possibly mules; a tiny house on wheels; an RV or camper; scooters; peddle-powered tricycles; or the movement of their feet across the ground.

Peace Pilgrim is their inspiration in this endeavor. If you have never heard of Peace Pilgrim, we urge you to read about her amazing, meaningful life at Peace Pilgrim Home.

By traveling in this way FAR Mobile Sanctuary will be open to experiences that might otherwise be missed in the rush to get from one place to another as quickly as possible. At any given time, wherever they are, the Pierces, and Honey, will be a sanctuary for those in grief. As they are already. As Caretakers, they will embody the ideas that all life is sacred and that we are here for one other.

If invited, Dave, Judy, and Honey will give interviews and presentations.

Would you like to be a Waymaker and help support Dave, Judy, and Honey in this life-art? If so then please contact Friends Along the Road

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