Welcome to Friends Along the Road

Friends Along the Road is a social movement that provides sanctuary and caring support for those grieving the deaths of family members and friends, and in grief from other causes, so that they may have time and places in which to rest, seek ways of living with their grief, and possibly reevaluate their lives.

Through activities such as Sanctuary Anywhere, memorial walks, The Roadside Memorial Project, publishing articles and books, and providing caring support for those in deep grief - including referrals to qualified counselors - we hope to raise awareness about the topic of bereavement, and to create sanctuaries for the bereaved to stay or live in an atmosphere of acceptance and unconditional positive regard.

FAR is compiling an online photo-journal data-base of roadside memorial markers from the United States and around the world, so that the lives represented by those markers may be honored. If you would like to submit of photo of your deceased loved one's memorial marker, cross, or display, and tell us his or her story, please email us the info and any photo attachments of the memorials - including location of the memorial, and photos of the individual, if you wish. The stories of these precious individuals, and of how you are learning to live with your grief at their physical absence, could be of help to others who have lost someone and are feeling despair.

Please visit our online referral service to FAR-recognized Counselors, and Organizations that support those in grief. Check back often for updates.

Because FAR is an “open-source” social movement, anyone can practice its values and share the logo for free, noncommercially, and become a Friends Along the Road Sanctuary for Those in Grief. (See below for Creative Commons copyright information.)

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