Love Redefined

By Deb Kosmer
2005 Deb Kosmer; Oshkosh WI

A phone call to a husband
Of a patient my age
Who is dying soon
Perhaps today
Perhaps tomorrow
I hear his overwhelming sadness
I feel it deep within me
I went to visit
With her twice
We had hoped for another
She wasn't content
To just have me listen
She wanted to see a piece of my soul
She was tired of everything
Being about her
So I spoke
She listened
She spoke
I listened
We connected
In another time
In another place
We could have been friends
Now she is dying
I knew
She was ready
Her family was not
I tell him how sorry I am
How special she is
He says;
This is so hard
Thank you
Good Bye
Love you?
I hang up the phone
Moved by his emotion
I look at her name
Moved by my emotion
I cry.

Deb Kosmer, MSW
Bereavement Support Coordinator
Affinity Visiting Nurses Hospice
Neenah WI

About the Author

Deb Kosmer


Hatley, Wisconsin

Deb Kosmer provides grief support to patients and families prior to death and to family members after the death, faci.itates grief-support groups, offers grief educational programs to the community, and collaborates with other agencies to do that.

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