Memorial Websites and Online Tributes

Please send us a link to your memorial website! It would be our honor to direct people to the beautiful tributes you have created for your loved ones. Feel free to send small pics and a bit of text as well, if you'd like. If you don't have a memorial site, you may use this space to make a memorial. E-mail us and we will include your information!

Memorial and Tribute Sites

Gone Too Soon. "An online memorial website. Create an everlasting tribute to someone close to you whom you have lost. GoneTooSoon provides an easy to use, free service that allows you to create and maintain a memorial, where family and friends can pay their tributes, thereby keeping the loved one's memory alive."

Memory-Of. "As part of the Library of Life, is an easy-to-use, friendly tool letting you create and maintain a rich memorial website, which will be the focal point of a community that keeps your loved one's memory alive. It lets you cherish your loved one and share the memories forever." "The purpose of this site is to setup a place of remembrance for all of our loved ones that have passed away. By doing so we make it possible for them to continue living, not only in our hearts, but online as well. I hope this site can bring you and your members some solace for the loss." A great idea, a fine place to leave messages for and about our loved ones.

Roadside Memorials

Descansos: Roadside Memorials on the American Highway. "The custom of marking the site of a death on the highway has deep roots in the Hispanic culture of the Southwest, where these memorials are often referred to as Descansos ("resting places"). ...The Descansos photography project began several years ago when I took several photographs of roadside memorials on a driving trip to the Southwest. As I made similar trips in the following years, I began photographing them more systematically, and I eventually collected a large number of images from Midwestern and Southwestern states, particularly Colorado."

Irish Roadside Memorials. "Ireland's Roadside memorials, mostly elaborate plaques and monuments adorned with photos and inscriptions, are among the most sophisticated and most prolific of any country. On this huge website you can examine over 600 shrines and memorials all over Ireland. Constantly being updated, this project tries to give these descansos a world audience, helping make our loved ones universally known, mourned and prayed for."

Roadside Memorials of South Texas. "Roadside Memorials, also referred to as descansos, often dot the traveled roadways across the great state of Texas. Usually in remembrance of a loved one who was killed in an auto accident, roadside memorials take on many forms, but mostly involve the symbol of a cross. In some cases they mark the place where several individual's lives were taken. Over the years of traveling South Texas highways on business, I have seen numerous roadside memorials erected along the major and rural highways with a few within urban areas. I have recently began to photograph them and will post them on this page in an effort to bring them to a wider audience. Hopefully these reminders will make us better drivers and keep the roadways a little safer."

Individual Memorial Websites

Amputated Parents. This beautiful site, available in Italian and English, is a wonderful tribute Nick, our friend Claudio's son.

Baird, Laura Hawley. "Let me introduce my beautiful daughter Laura Hawley. Laura was born on October 31, 1994. She died in a car accident on March 2, 2004. Laura was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. This means she was confined to a wheelchair and had minor learning disabilities. Although she had her physical problems she was one of the most cheerful, loving happy children I've ever encountered. She was active in school activities and out and about in our small community. She tried hard to do what all of her school friends were doing. She was successful in most and gave her all in things she had difficulties with." - Karen Baird

Berardi, Alexey Ilyushin. The Eternal Flight of the Golden Eagle. "I honor you, 'O Visitor' to this memorial page, for your visit honors my son, my father and all my ancestors. I honor you as I welcome you with the ancient Sacred Prayer of my ancestors: May the Wings-of-Life (Holy Spirit, God of all creations, Our Mother/Our Father in Heaven) guide and protect you always, as you travel through this valley of sorrow looking for the place where, someday, peace shall again and forever reign in your heart. I greet you 'O visitor' and May the Love, Peace, Light and Blessings of the God of all creations be with you ... always! Your prayers will let his Light shine brighter as they are the music our son will hear in the Spirit-World. (Nicola Berardi: The grieving father of Alexey Ilyushin, who crossed into the spirit world June 24, 1996)."

Michelle's Story. Sha and her husband have done a wonderful job with this site, which is much more than a memorial to their beautiful daughter Michelle. I hope you will read the poems here. "Hi, I'm Sharon from New Zealand. My daughter, Michelle, died of Late Infantile Batten Disease on 26th November 1996. She also had Down Syndrome and a major heart defect, successfully operated on when she was two years old. I have heard of only one other child with both Down syndrome AND Batten Disease."

Missing Joey. A beautiful and moving tribute, in pictures, poems and words. Joey's mother Chrissy writes, "Joey was killed on his 11th birthday...August 17, 2002. ...He had gotten a new bike for his birthday a week before. His friend needed to change his shoes and Joey wanted to show off his bike. I walked with Joey, while on the way he was hit by a drunk driver driving a truck. ...Our whole family died that day. Our hearts went with our Joey. He will never be forgotten. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND MISS YOU JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!"

My Blue Heaven. A vast, breathtaking site loaded with great information and gorgeous graphics; created by Judy E., who writes, "Grief has a way of changing a person forever, including me. Due to the multiple loss (9 deaths in 6 years during my teen years: mother, father, both sets of grandparents, my favorite cousin, a friend and my fiancé, Jim who died in the Vietnam war) and the delayed, repressed grief that I underwent, I would be completely devastated and unable to continue in this world if it were not for the enormous spiritual healing that God freely gave me through the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. I admit to being in both the physical and spiritual worlds. For me, it is the only way that my grief doesn't overtake me and I have become a happier and more productive person here. I have chosen to embrace the experience of my ADCs (After Death Communications) and to trust that there is another life beyond this life where God does wipe all tears away forever."

Pierce, Lillian Marie. Lilli Pierce died at the age of 14, on November12, 1999. She was crossing a busy street in Cape Coral, Florida, and was struck by a car. Dave and Judy Pierce, her dad and mom, nearly died that day as well, for Lilli was their life. Grieving so badly that they were unable to go to their jobs, they took off into the wild blue yonder, exploring the back roads for two years seeking reasons to keep on going after losing their only child. After a lot of reflection, they created Friends Along the Road, Inc.