Where Were You God?

By Deb Kosmer
2011 Deb Kosmer; Oshkosh WI

When my son died
I remember asking
Over and over again;
"Where were you God?"

Where were you that
Night the car struck him?
I don't understand why
You abandoned him?

For a long time
It seemed God never
Answered me and
His silence shattered me.

But, Why God? Why
Did he have to die?
Again there was no
Reply and I sobbed.

Through my tears I
Asked God "Where are you?
I heard him say
Here, holding you

Just as I held your son
That night to shield him
From the pain as
My tears fell for you.

I am holding him still
Just as I hold you. I
Will never leave you
Nor forsake you.

You are mine.

Shawn's mom always,

Deb Kosmer

About the Author

Deb Kosmer


Hatley, Wisconsin

Deb Kosmer provides grief support to patients and families prior to death and to family members after the death, faci.itates grief-support groups, offers grief educational programs to the community, and collaborates with other agencies to do that.

Email: debrakosmer@gmail.com Read Deb's articles at Open to Hope