Your Hands Bathe the Dying

By Deb Kosmer
2005 Deb Kosmer; Oshkosh WI

Your hands help them stand
Your hands hold theirs
As they share a story
A joke or their fears
Your hands straighten their hair
Touch their forehead, rub their arm

Your hands go from one person's
Body to the next
From one person's home
To the next home
Your hands touch the most
Intimate and vulnerable places

When someone dies, there is one less
Body, one less soul to touch

With each death

What happens to your heart?

Dedicated to our Hospice Home Health Aides

Deb Kosmer, MSW, CSW, CT
Bereavement Support Coordinator
Affinity Visiting Nurses Hospice
Neenah WI

About the Author

Deb Kosmer


Hatley, Wisconsin

Deb Kosmer provides grief support to patients and families prior to death and to family members after the death, faci.itates grief-support groups, offers grief educational programs to the community, and collaborates with other agencies to do that.

Email: Read Deb's articles at Open to Hope